Which lash tweezers are the best for extensions?

Remember when there was just one of everything? Yeah, we don’t either.

Whether we are buying a car or simply looking for our next pair of jeans to wear with a nice top. For as long as most of us can remember, it seems that we have been overloaded with options for EVERYTHING. As lash technicians, some of the choices made can be more critical than others. The right lash extension tweezers can mean the difference between success and failure in your lashing business, especially if you’re just starting out. With so many lash extension tweezers out there, from different sizes and shapes, we are here to help break the product range down for any new lash artists in this space, or even if you’re looking for a tweezer refresh! 

We’ve put together this guide on the different types of professional eyelash tweezers, so you can understand everything there is to know about their many functions.

So, which tweezers are the best? 

The short answer to your question is personal preference and that no two tweezers are the same. As lash tweezers are handmade, they can make the same styles work differently due to the difference in tension, bite point, and weight. If there were such a thing as the "best lash extension tweezers", then surely everyone would just use the same pair for every client! With that said, we offer 20 different styles of tweezers for lash extensions, and with over 80,000 lash artists using our tweezers, we can let you know what is most popular...

Most popular styles for beginners:

Most popular styles for advanced artists: 

Most popular for Classic lash styles: 

Most Popular for volume: 

  • Round Foot Angled Volume Tweezer: great for Volume lash application and all Fanning techniques, except ‘finger pinch’ ‘finger roll’ and ‘wiggle’. 
  • Vetus Professional Tweezers 6ASA: genuine Vetus precision eyelash extension tweezers, recommended for Classic, Volume, and Mega Volume application. The tweezers work for all Fanning techniques, except ‘finger pinch’ and ‘finger roll’. 

Now we have gone through the best styles for each client request, it’s time to know what to look for when selecting a supplier. It’s important to look out for equipment that is well made, appropriately priced, and has used surgical-grade steel.

Lash tweezers are used constantly throughout the extension process, so it’s VITAL that you use the best lash extension tweezers for you. If you take away one thing from this blog post, it would be to remember that everyone has a different way of holding and using tweezers. The key is to try a few and find what works best for you! Once you have found what works best, the process will become easier, swifter, and more precise.