AMBASSADOR TAKEOVER- Life behind lashing

Written by LashBase ambassador Beth Pullen

Lash extensions are so popular now and why shouldn’t they be they are perfection! But I’m going to take you back to before I knew what lash extensions were and before it was a popular treatment in the UK.

So imagine working so many part time jobs to pay bills, raise a baby and work a job that doesn’t let your creativity spark! That was my life, working around my circumstances but not happy! 

From a young age I have always wanted to make people feel good about themselves. I always read magazines (before social media came into the world) and always noticed the way people are made out to look – unrealistic!  And that was the spark I needed to sign up for my BTEC level 3 in beauty sciences. As part of my essential skills assignment, I learnt how to carry out lash lifts and tints, I instantly loved how it made the clients feel and look afterwards. 

I decided to take the plunge into the unknown and became self employed, I soon discovered eyelash extensions which at this time was still unfamiliar tertiary and not spoken about in the beauty industry! I threw myself back into education and enrolled onto a 1-1 course with a trainer, which I absolutely loved, however due to the unpopularity of extensions and lack of understanding from clients they we're becoming a hard sell, until reality TV shows such as TOWIE boosted the popularity of extensions and they soon became the forefront of my business. 

Being my own own boss is by far my most favourite thing about being self employed, I enjoy the flexibility it gives me! I love building relationships with clients knowing they love what you create and that you make them feel good is the best feeling in the world.

11 years later I am still researching lash extensions and constantly educating myself so that I can  be more creative with my lash sets. Surrounding myself with other lash artist has been the confidence boost I needed to get more creative and I am looking forward to doing more!

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